Automatic Packing Lines (Automatic feed-in system + Flow wrappers for foods)

Automatic Packing Lines (Automatic feed-in system + Flow wrappers for foods)

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This automatic food process and packaging system is also named sink type feeding and packing system (also named up and down packaging system), which is designed for soft products coming out from upstream machines orderly with space, like swiss roll, layer cake, and sandwich cake. The packing speed is up to 150 bags per minute with air charging device or alcohol spray device.

Product Detail

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Product Detail

1. The automatic feeding system is selected according to the products‘ incoming condition and the packing requirements. Products feed-in conditions includes: material characteristics, processing technology, capacity, status, arrangement direction, etc. The packing requirements includes: single, multi-pack assembly, adding support box, positive and negative, etc.
2. According to the stable operation speed of different feeding packing line, to match the demand of customer's production capacity, design the scientific, reasonable and efficient planning scheme.


1. The automatic feeding system is designed by professional industrial appearance designers. According to the aesthetic viewpoint and principle, the transmission and functional structure are further optimized, the aesthetic degree and operability are fully considered, and the high-end brand image is molded.
2. The separation arraying conveyor can realize the orderly arrangement of products, high-speed and stable, and easy to operate.
3. The conveyer belt of automatic feeding system can disassemble and disassemble quickly without tools. The bottom and interface of conveyor belt are equipped with slag slot, which is convenient to maintain and clean equipment, save time and effort.
4. The whole line selects high-quality food grade conveyor belt.
5. Control system uses high-quality electrical components, equipped with servo motor, PLC control, touch screen operation display, good man-machine interface, simple operation, intuitive, convenient.

Equipment Advantage

1. The automatic feeding system normal combined by separation arraying conveyor, automatic feeding system and automatic packing machine, different types of systems, with corresponding alternative functions to meet customer packing needs.
2. The working speed of automatic feeding system is 100-600pcs/min by single kind product.
3. The automatic feeding system power is about 1.2kW.



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