Vacuum Emulsifying Paste Making Machine

Vacuum Emulsifying Paste Making Machine

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Our Vacuum Emulsifying Paste Making Machine is mainly used for manufacturing paste-like products, toothpaste, foods, and chemistries, etc. This system includes paste emulsification homogenizing machine, pre- mix boiler, glue boiler,powder material hopper, colloid pump and operation platform.

The working principle of this equipment is to sequentially put various raw materials into the machine according to a certain production process, and making the all materials fully dispersed and mixed uniformly through strong stirring, dispersion, and grinding. Finally, after vacuum degassing, it becomes the paste.

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The Main Toothpaste Manufacturing Processes Are As Below

A typical process could be described as follows:
The liquid ingredients are prepared first such as the water, sorbitol/glycerin.
Powdered ingredients are dry blended with others ingredients.
Next, the sweetener and preservative is added.
Premixed abrasive/filler is added with the liquid base.
Flavoring and coloring are added.
Finally, under slow speed mixing, the detergent is added to minimize foaming.

Characteristics of Our Machines

Operate under vacuum condition;
High-quality stainless steel tank with a jacket for heating or cooling;
Mid-stirring and side-dispersing, no material accumulation or dirty corners;
High-speed disperser or a high-shear homogenizer(Max 1440rpm), which mixes powder and liquid materials through high-speed rotation, and generates a turn in the paste-making pot to make the material homogeneous and delicate;
High vacuum degree of -0.095MPa, good defoaming effect;
CIP cleaning system, good and easy for cleaning;
PLC control panel, convenient and stable.

Model TMZG 100 TMZG 700 TMZG 1300
Volume 100L 700L 1300L
Power of Vacuum Pump 3kw 4kw 7.5kw
Hydraulic Pump 1.1kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Lifting Height of Pot Lid 800mm 1000ml 1000ml
Dimension(LxWxH) 2450x1500x2040mm 4530x3800x2480mm 1800x3910x3200mm
Weight 2500kg 3000kg 4500kg



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