TM-120 Series Automatic Food Cartoner

TM-120 Series Automatic Food Cartoner

Short Description:

This food cartoning packing machine includes six parts: in-feed chain part, carton suction mechanism, pusher mechanism, carton storage mechanism, carton shaping mechanim and output mechanim.

It is suitable for big size secondary packaging for busicuits, cakes, breads and products of similar shapes.

Product Detail

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Product Detail

This cartoner automatically feeds in the food products and cartons, opens the cartons, pushes the products into the cartons, seals the cartons and transfers the finished products out. There are two types of sealing for the cartons: tucker type and glue type, which can be chosen according to actual needs.
The feeding part can be customized according to actual needs.
This machine can be used independently or in a production line, communicating with upstream and downstream machines together.



4.Stable running and reliable performances
Photoeyes and PLC are designed and mounted for stable running and high efficiency. The whole machine is controlled by the programmable logic controller (PLC) in a centralized manner to realize the coordinated action of the whole machine. If there is an error in the current station, the photoelectric induction device will send a signal, and the downstream station will stop working, and an alarm will occur. If there is an error in the work of the rear station, the photoelectric induction device will send a signal, and the upstream station will stop working. Therefore, the machine has simple structure and reliable operation, ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency.
5.Branded components are used for good performance of the machines.

Technical Characteristics

Speed 40-60 cartons/min(depends on the carton sizes)
Carton Specification 300-350g/㎡(Needs checking carton sizes)
Sizes(L×W×H) (100-260)mm×(60-150)mm×(25-60)mm
Compressed Air Air Pressure ≥0.6mpa
Air Consumption 120-160L/min
Power Supply 380V 50HZ (Can be customized)
Main Motor 1.5kw
Dimension(L×W×H) 3500㎜×1200㎜×1750㎜
Weight About 1200kg

Part Introductions

Foods Pusher Mechanism

Carton Shaping Mechanism


Carton Tucker Mechanism

Finished Products Ouput


Glue Machines Are Optional


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