Handmade Soap Cutter

Handmade Soap Cutter

Short Description:

Pneumatic control cutting machine for hand made soaps. It is mainly used in handmade soap manufacturing processing, for cutting log bars into small bars.

Video on Youtube:  https://youtube.com/shorts/vZircnFmDoA

Product Detail

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Product Detail

This pneumatic handcraft soap cutter is table top type, convenient for transportation and installation.

It is suitable for rectangular, square or cylinder shaped handmade soap bars

It is easy for control, efficient and stable for either cold processing or glycerin soaps.

The soap thickness and width are adjustable.

Convenient for operation, simple for adjustment and maintenance.

Main parameters

Type Pneumatic control
Compressed air 0.4-0.6Mpa
Material SS304/Aluminum Alloy
Finished Soap Bar Width ~75mm
Max Soap Bar Length ~100mm
Min Soap Bar Height/thickness ~451mm
Speed 30~40 cuts/min
Weight 22kg
Dimension 880mmX390mmX410mm

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