Big Bag Box-motion Packing Machine (Bottom Film)

Big Bag Box-motion Packing Machine (Bottom Film)

Short Description:

Our big bag box-motion packing machine is Reciprocating Servo Packaging Machine.

It is suitable for the secondary packing of biscuits, waffles, bread, cakes, instants noodles and other regular products.

Product Detail

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1. Diversified packing: suitable for diverse packing, a set of equipment can be capable of packing products of different sizes.
2. Quick release design: Patented quick release belt design, no need to use tools, can be directly disassembled and replaced with bare hands.
3. Man-machine interface: 10.4 inch touch panel, easy to operate.
4. Memory menu: 100 sets of packing product settings can be stored in memory, switching products quickly without wasting time.
5. Miscutting protection: Miscutting occurs when placed to avoid product waste caused by miscutting.
6. No material standby: In automatic detection mode, there is no material standby automatically, no empty bag is generated, and no packing material is wasted.
7. Troubleshooting: automatic troubleshooting, reducing time consumption.

Function & Struction

1. Box- motion End-seal design: Featuring easy maintenance and hermetic sealing.
2. Heavy duty design: Cantilever build / Heavy steel mainframe and SUS304 made housing, with integrated electrical cabinet, perfect for multi- shift operation.
3. Belt feeding design: Easier for users to manually load products, easily removable belt without any help of tools, ideal for everyday cleaning.
4. Sanitary standard: SUS304 machine housing designed to meet highly regulated food grade standard.
5. Safety guard design: Fully safety-guarded to protect operators from accidental jamming or cutting.
6.Forward and reverse machine design: Customers can choose according to their demand.

Technical Parameter

Model RD-BM-508S RD-BM-708S
Speed 35-120 bags/min 30-60 bags/min
Different product or films may affect the speed
Bag Size L:100-500mm W:50-200mm


L:180-500mm W:50-300mm


Film Width Max:500mm Max:670mm
Power 3.5kw
Power Supply 220V Single phase 50/60Hz (Can be customized)
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa
Dimension (L)4000mmX(W)1139mmX(H)1680mm (L)4300mmX(W)1250mmX(H)1700mm
Weight 1400kg



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