Company News

  • 3000L Liquid Soap High Shear Mixing Tank delivery for South American customer
    Post time: 02-08-2023

    These 3000L Liquid Soap mixers are designed with combination of top agitator and bottom homogenizer, as well as 3 layers tanks (inner barrel + jacket + insulation). All parts contact with products are made of SS316L, while the stairs and handrails are made of SS304. It i...Read more »

  • Our Packaging machineries
    Post time: 08-08-2022

    Flow Wrapping machine Flow wrapping, also sometimes referred to as pillow packing, pillow pouch wrapping, horizontal bagging, and fin-seal wrapping, is a horizontal-motion packaging process used to cover product in clear or custom-printed polypropylene film. The finished...Read more »

  • Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Homgenizer
    Post time: 08-08-2022

    Our vacuum emulsifying machine includes homogenizing emulsifying mixer, vacuum system, lifting system and electrical control system. It is designed for personal care products, bio-pharmaceutical products, food, paints, ink, nanometre materials, petrochemical Industry, pr...Read more »